Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5, 2008

More coherency. That's what I need.

Huh. July 4th. Independence Day. Funny thing to happen on it, y'know? A lot guys I know would celebrate this. Revel in it. A chance to break free free. And here I go on about love and stuff.

Sorry, I'm being rude I suppose. I'm Jim Dawson. I live in Ohio. I'm a typesetter for a large print company. It's nothing exciting, but I like my coworkers and it pays the bills. It's 9-5 usually, so I have time for family dinners with David (our 6 year old son) and Allison. My boss is nice and gives me a 2 week vacation every year so my family can go somewhere fun. Last year we went to Yellowstone. Saw some bears and mooses.
We were going to go to southern California this year. David wants to see Legoland. I guess that'd be expensive for a lot of people, but Allison works as a therapist and I bike to work so there's no gas cost and only one car. We have the money to fly out and stuff. My sister lives there, we'd stay with her.

I've never cheated on Allison. I've never hit her. You have to know this. I've loved her since day 1. I guess I have to talk to a divorce lawyer on Monday.

I remember playing with Legos as a kid, I love watching David play with them. He's named after two people you know, my dad and Allison's brother. It was convenient and fun.

Maybe I'll take him to Legoland anyways.
Tomorrow I'll try and be more coherent about my life. I promise.

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